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Willy's Apple Cider Vineger with 'Mother' 50ml.

Willy's Apple Cider Vineger with 'Mother' 50ml.

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Apple cider vinegar (ACV), with active Mother, is hugely underrated when it comes to its uses and can be used in dogs for a variety for conditions!

The most common use for it is to help with an imbalance of yeast within your dogs system, yeast imbalance is not just smelly but it is also uncomfortable for them.

ACV may also be used topically to treat skin conditions, such as dermatitis or itchy, inflamed ears. Simply dilute with filtered or distilled water at a 50/50 ratio, soak a cotton pad, squeeze the excess solution out and dab onto the skin. If your dog has broken skin, it will be sensitive to touch so reduce to a water/ACV 75/25 ratio.

With sensitive dogs, a 24-hour spot test should always be used first to make sure the dog does not develop vomiting, increased irritation, or redness. 

Much like in humans, ACV has amazing anti inflammatory properties, so can therefore be used in supporting the immune system by balancing pH levels. Other benefits include regulating blood sugar which will improve overall heart health, and is particularly good for dogs with diabetes!

Suggested feeding guide: Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl or food once a day.

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