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Cat Spot on 10ml

Cat Spot on 10ml

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After much testing........Our NEW Cat Spot On has finally been born!

Although not proven it is thought that many cats do not have the ability to break down some of the components in some essential oils. These are called 'Phenols' and can cause liver damage or worse. Research is ongoing.

We have chosen super low & Phenol free, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils & hydrosols for our cat spot on for this reason. We use very high dilutions of essential oils and never scented oils.

There are always going to be those that even the most gentle of products do not suit, but we can assure you that no fillers, harsh chemicals or neurotoxins are involved in any of our products.

Can I use this on my dog?

Our dog spot on cannot be used on cats but the cat version can be used on dogs and is more suited to those more sensitive and teeny tiny dogs.

How To Use?

Using oils with animals especially with cats, we suggest opening the bottle and leaving it in a room that the cat is in and watching what they do. If they run, try again another time and see if they get used to it but do not apply at this time. If they like it, let them get accustomed to the scent before applying.  Some cats choose to lay by oils whilst others run a mile. Cats are way more sensitive than most dogs so go as slow as is needed. 

A word of Caution for Epileptic pets and people

Essential oils and Epilepsy is something we are often asked about. Epilepsy triggers are sometimes easy to spot, but not always. It is known that essential oils can often be triggers for those Epileptics so we say to stay clear just in case. 



Carrier Oil, Cedarwood, Roman Camomile, Lavender

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