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Baltic Amber Collar

Baltic Amber Collar

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Amber collars are an effective multi layered approach to preventing Fleas and Ticks.

The Amber collars are charge electro statically by continuous friction with the fur.

When a Tick/Flea jumps onto the dog or cat it will receive a small electroshock and usually it will then fall off, the static charge is so low that nor dog or cat; not humans can feel it!

The collar should be worn 24 hours a day and only taken off for short periods of time, for cats it is suggested to introduce the collar over a week period.

The collar can be cleaned by rinsing it off in lukewarm running water.

To recharge the collars, just pop them on a window sill for approximately 10 minutes. The collar will recharge itself through the daylight.

The collars are made in a manner so as not to damage your cat or dog or to strangle them. If your dog or cat gets caught somewhere, the chain is designed to break open.

Although this cannot be guaranteed and therefore it is suggested to remove the collar when they are playing with other dogs.

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